U350-351-519 Christmas Ornaments Nativity of Christ and Holy Family - Wooden Icon Mini Shrines Car Room Pendants on Rope with Crystals and Incense 3 Inch, Set of 3

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Can be used as an icon to hang on wall, in car, or as Christmas Ornaments

A set of three mini icon shrines framed in wood case with an adjustable 10 inch cord for hanging. Below the icon in each shrine are a few grains of "incense" as a symbol of our prayer - "Let my prayer arise as incense before Thy site." Each shrine is enhanced with red (symbolizing Christ's Resurrection) crystals.

The set consists of 3 Mini Icon Shrines:

Nativity of Christ and holy Family

Perfect as wall hangings, Christmas tree ornaments, St Nicholas Day or Sunday School gift.

Icons and wood shrine Made In Ukraine.

Packed nicely Individually in plastic bag