Silver Egg Pendants

Silver Egg Pendants

Miniature Enamel Eggs A Uniquely Russian Tradition!

A uniquely Imperial Russian tradition was to give a miniature enamel egg to someone that you had a special and loving relationship; for example your wife, mother, grandmother or daughter at Easter. The egg would be given with three kisses on alternating cheeks and the wish that it would worn in good health for 200 years. The egg was often added to a necklace containing other eggs received throughout the years creating a future family heirloom.

There were two types of enamel eggs offered. One was "gulliouche " enamel - a French technique of applying a layer of enamel over an engine turned design on the silver base. The other was the Old Russian Shaded Enamel design - taken early Byzantine enamel techniques- the application of wire cloisons forming the design to which the enamel is applied.

Regardless of technique the meaning was the same - a token of love and special bond between the giver and the receiver.

Wear it in good health for two hundred years!

Hand Made, Sterling Silver 925, 24 Karate Gold Plat, Swarovski Crystals and Enameled. RUSSIAN MINIATURE SILVER & ENAMEL EGG- a combination of art, tradition, craftsmanship and precious metal. The egg is one of the symbol of "NEW LIFE, REBIRTH & LOVE" to be handed down to us from anti-quality. The "egg" as a universal symbol, transcends many races, creed and cultures. GIFTS SUGGESTIONS – any holiday. Good gift for wife, mother, the grandma, the grand daughter, lover, etc. Many grand mothers start necklaces for their grand daughters.

How to give the egg – by tradition one gives the egg to a loved one or someone special with three kisses (in honor of the Trinity) on alternating cheeks with the greeting “Christ Is Risen” to which is responded “Indeed He Is Risen!” What a perfect way to share your faith with a loved one.