US-1 Nativity (Holy Family), Christ The Teacher, Sweet Kissing - Wood Icon Shrine Christmas Ornaments - Also for Car Room Pendants - on Rope - Icons Covered With Special Glass - With Crystals and Incense - A 3 PCS SET

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A set of three mini icon shrines framed in wood case with an adjustible 10 inch cord for hanging. Below the icon in each shrine are a few grains of "incense" as a symbol of our prayer - "Let my prayer arise as incense before Thy site." Each shrine is enhanced with red (symbolizing Christ's Resurrection) crystals.

The set US-1 consists of 3 Mini Icon Shrines:

U351 - Nativity (Holy Family) icon patterned after that over the manger in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem

U352 - Virgin Sweet Kissing Greek Style

U353- Christ the Teacher Byzantine Style

(Individual icons may be ordered in quantity - see them on our website under the individual item number.}

Perfect as wall hangings, Christmas tree ornaments, St Nicholas Day or Sunday School gift.

Icons and wood shrine Made In Ukraine.