H-1 Holy Spirit Gift Set - For Confirmation Celebration & More- Includes Wall Tapestry - Book Marker - Rosary Pouch- Bible Ipad Pouch Case - Beautiful and Rare Set of 4

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set of 4

1.TH-13 Holy Spirit - Hanging Tapestry Icon, 14 Inch Tall Including Hanger Part

2.TBM112-3 Holy Spirit Tapestry Bookmarker Textile Art 9 1/8"x2"

3. TIP81 2 SIDED "Holy Spirit" after Tiffany's Stained Glass Confirmation Keepsake Tapestry Pouch - 5.5'W x 4'H

4.TBC-10 Holy Spirit - Large Tapestry Bible Pouch Case Holder - Also for Ipad, Book Reversible 10 3/4" Wide