TMT109 Saint St Charbel (Sharbel) Tapestry icon Banner Textile Art 9 3/4"x3 7/8"




size including from top till crosses 9 3/4"x3 7/8"

St Charbel (Sharbel) Makhlouf (B

May 8, 1828 D December 24, 1898) A Monk, Hermit, Priest and Saint of the Maronite Catholic Church. Born and lived in Lebanon. A saint of the universal Catholic Church whose Feast is the 3rd Sunday of July on the Maronite liturgical calendar and July 24th of the Roman Calendar. A saint who has performed miracles on sick, disabled, mentally and dying people from various religious faiths Including Christians, Jewish, Islam, Buddhists, etc as well as Atheists. Truly a saint for all people.

Symbolism - pictured as a Maronite monk hermit in a frame of decorative middle eastern ornamentation.

The Cross is the traditional Maronite Cross

St Charbel help those suffering from cancer, mental illness, the infertile, postnatal depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, families in strife, the homeless and the hungry and for all of us!