TIP48-120 Set of 3 - Jesus Prayer Pouch - 2 Sided - 30 Knot Prayer Beads - and Icon of Made Without Hands Holy Face

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Set includes:

1.Jesus Prayer Pouch -

Jesus Prayer Pouch - 2 Sided 4 1/4"x3"

We as Christians are exhorted to pray without ceasing.This pouch contains the ancient Jesus Prayer created by the desert fathers in the fourth or fifth centuries.

The is an act of humility calling out for God’s mercy:“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have mercy on me a sinner.” The prayer is adapted from the cry of the blind man “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me a sinner!”

In the East the prayer is recited using prayer beads or ropes (called Komboskini in Greek and Chotki in Russian.”

This pouch can be used to carry prayer beads or ropes as well as a pocket Cross or icon.Regardless of how you use it, the pouch will be your constant prayer for God’s mercy!

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2. Icon pf Jesus Christ Made Without Hands - Holy Face

Holy Face Christ Made Without Hands - Veronica's Veil - Wooden Icon 3 Inch x 2 1/2 - Gold Foil -Gold foil Cross on the Back Side, gold foil icon mounted on wood - on the back side features gold foil cross


Wooden Prayer Rope Beads 30 knots With Cross

length: 7 Inch

cross size 1 3/4 Inch

Pouch is made in Turkey, prayer beads in the Ukraine - Russian Icon