PL-1 Tapestry Epitaphios Threnos, Plaschanitsa 11 3/4"x 7 1/2"

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SiZE: 7 ¾ tall x 12 ¼ wide from ends of fringe - Without fringe 11 3/4" wide The tapestry icon is meant to be used flat – it can be framed – there are no metal parts.11 3/4 inch wide x 7 1/2 inch tall

The Noble Joseph, taking Thy most pure body down from the Tree and having wrapped it in pure linen and spices, laid it in a new tomb.”

Troparion of Great Friday

BACKGROUND: In the Byzantine Christian East and in some Roman Catholic countries it is traditional to have a funeral for Christ on Holy or Great Friday. The deceased Christ is represented in the East as an “icon”

on cloth while in the West a statute is used.

During the Great Fast (Lent) and Holy Week 2020 we were limited in our ability to attend “in person” services in our churches. In response to this some suggested how the family celebrate the events of Holy Week in their homes. Among the suggestions for Great Friday was to have children create a “grave” for the crucified Lord.

While there are few icons of Christ being prepared for burial, there are many stunning icons on winding sheets (Epitaphios Threnos, Plaschanitsa, Nassh).

With the uncertainty if our liturgical practice will be “actual” or “virtual” for Pascha 2021, we reproduced a winding sheet “tapestry icon.” This tapestry icon depicts Christ after being removed from the cross, lying supine, as his body is being prepared for burial.

While the idea new, this icon is appropriate for “in-home” veneration. This tapestry icon can also be incorporated into religious education programs for the church or at home.