M-33B-9 Panagia Style Icon Ornament Eternal Bloom Virgin Mary and Child - Enameled Decorated With Faux Peals and Crystals 7 3/4" With Chain 10 3/4"

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  • Our BYZANTINE ornaments depict what we cannot see- the intangible world of the splendor of Heaven and our spiritual fulfillment in Christ and His Saints!
    Our icon Panagia ornament manifests the radiance of the light of Christ and His Saints embellished with faux pearls and crystals with detailed with blue enamel topped by eight pointed stars (the symbol of the virginity of the Virgin Mary which painted on her forehead and each of her shoulders any of her icons). Blue is the traditional color for the Theotokos in both the Christian East and West.

  • blue enamel and crystals conveys the peace we find in Christ’s creation as well as in God’s creation of the sea and sky!The center icon is our “window to the eternal!”

  • Comes Attractively Gift Boxed - 7 1/2 Inch tall x 3 1/2 Inch width - total length including chain 10 1/2 Inch