M-31R-50 Virgin Mary Extreme Humility, The Holy Mother of God- Monstrance - Reliquary Style Icon Shrine With Cross 7 Inch

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  • ICON HISTORY - OUR LADY OF EXTREME HUMILITY - OUR LADY OF TENDERNESS - OUR LADY OF SORROWS - LA DOLOROSA - MOTHER OF SORROWS - UMILENIE - JOY OF ALL JOYS There are many different names for and variations of this icon in Eastern and Western veneration. Regardless of how it is portrayed its message is the same - come to me! The icon is in an "Eleusa" style - meaning the Virgin is compassionate and conveys intimacy, gentleness and grace to her children. Our loving Mother! One of the few icons in which the Blessed Mother (Theotokos) is pictured alone. Her hands are crossed with humility in acceptance of the will of God! The main feast for this icon in the East is the Friday before Good Friday and in the West on Sept 15th - the day after the finding of the Holy Cross. The icon is very famous for the veneration of our Lady by St Seraphim of Sarov a Russian ascetic of the 18th century - a holy man venerated in the Orthodox Church on January 2 and the opening of his relics on July 19th. Tradition holds St Seraphim prayed for 2000 days on a stone slab in front of this image and died in its presence on Jan 2, 1833. Many of the visitors to St Seraphim were healed by this icon. It is a miraculous today in the Diveevsk Seraphimovsk Monastery.St Pope John Paul regarded him as a Doctor of the Church.

  • Jeweled Enameled and Decorated With Pearls - Cross on Top - Material Gold Color Metal
  • From the backside the icon part is like a frame - it can be personalized
  • Comes Gift Boxed - 7 Inch tall x 3 3/8 Inch width