E-16 Versatile Hardshell Virgin Mary Icon Box Case for Rosary Beads Eyeglasses, Pens - Christ The Teacher Virgin Mary Virgin of Vladimir Byzantine Icons Religious Gift Orthodox Catholic

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high quality holds eyeglasses, rosary, prayer beads, pens

Icon is decoupage

Faux velvet lining inside - 6 1/4 Inch x 2 3/8 - about 1 1/2 inch depth

Very beautiful item and nicely made

The “Virgin of Incessant Help” is perhaps the best-known icon in the world, as it is widely known in Orthodox, Catholic and other traditional churches. This icon of our Lady has different names to different groups of Christians. Known as the “Virgin of Incessant Help” to the Greek Orthodox; the “Virgin of Passion” to the Russian Orthodox and as “Our Lady of Perpetual Help” to Catholics and “Scoorro” to Spanish speaking Catholics.