PC-2 Laminated Prayer Cards Extreme Humility of Virgin Mary Pack of 6 - 3 1/4 Inch x 2 1/16 Inch

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great size to carry in purse wallet or pocket

on the back side prayer in Russian - translation is below

Icon of the Mother of God "Humility"
Celebrated July 28/August 10

This icon of the Mother of God was the cell icon of the Venerable St. Seraphim of Sarov. Before this image he prayed and the prayers before it went to the Lord.

Troparian Tone 4

Let all of us who are burdened with sins, fall on our knees before the Theotokos, bowing before her wonderworking Icon of Tenderness, kissing it and crying aloud with tears: "O Sovereign Lady, accept the prayer of your unworthy servants, and grant to us who ask, your great mercy.