U531 Blessed St Xenia of St Petersburg Mini Wooden Icon Shrine - Car Room Pendant - Christmas Tree Ornament on Rope - Icon Covered With Special Glass - Crystals and Incense 3 1/4 Inch

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Saint Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg (Russian: Святая блаженная Ксения Петербургская) is a patron saint of St. Petersburg, who according to tradition, give all her possessions to the poor after her husband died. Her husband had been Colonel Andrey Fyodorovich Petrov, a chanter at the Saint Andrew Cathedral. After his death, Xenia became a "fool-for-Christ" and for 45 years wandered around the streets of St. Petersburg, usually wearing her late husband's military uniform. She was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church on February 6, 1988. Her feast day in the O.S. is January 24, which is February 6 in the New Calendar.

It has 4 1/2 inch adjustable cord for hanging. Below the icon in each shrine are a few grains of "incense" as a symbol of our prayer - "Let my prayer arise as incense before Thy site." Each shrine is enhanced with red (symbolizing Christ's Resurrection) crystals.

Perfect as a mini shrine for car or home. A great Christmas ornament, A great organization gift - Sunday School or Ladies Societies.

Icon and wood frame made in Ukraine.

3 1/4 inch x 2 1/2 inch wide