E-3 Russian Icon Virgin of Kazan - Lacquer Hard Eyeglass Case Box - Hand Painted - "Keep The Virgin Mary Icon Close to You All The Time"

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Russia is long renown for its famed miniature lacquer boxes decorated with icons, religious subjects and famous fairytales.

Our artisans in Russia here combine a "hand painted" decorative (in the Old Russian shaded enamel style) boarder with Crosses framing a

decoupage icon of the Virgin of Kazan.

The box has been specially construed of a sturdy resin (with the look of a finely made lacquer box) and lined to safely hold your eyeglasses.

Perfect for eyeglasses or any other use you can think of.

Virgin of Kazan one of the most beloved icons of the Virgin in Eastern Christianity. The Theotokos of Kazan is known for her “protection” today and throughout Russian history. Here the Mother of God presents her life size Son to us!

icon is decoupage - detail around icon is hand painted

faux velvet lining inside - 6 1/2 Inch x 2 1/2 Inch - about 1 inch depth

Made in Russia