Doll-HP Icons of the Virgin Mary 50 Nested Matrushka Doll - 50 Different Icons of the Theotokos (the Mother of God) 26 1/2"x12"

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Icons of the Virgin Mary 50 Nested Matrushka Doll


Although there are over 50 different icons of the Theotokos (the Mother of God) in Russian iconography, our handmade and hand painted doll only has 49 of them!   The 50th piece is the outer “kiots” with God the Father in the foreground.  The outer doll is embellished with gold traditional Russian decorative design derived from Byzantine illuminations.  The doll was completely made and painted in Sergei Posad (St Sergius City where the Holy Trinity-St Sergius Monastery is located), Russia.


This unique collector’s item is rare, finely painted in strict conformity to the rules of icon painting and is highly lacquered.  Featured are many icons which played both a large part in the religious and political development of the Russian Church and State.  Also there are many icons that are at the heart of pious devotions.


The icons are stunning and are perfect for private devotions, in a Church, Museum or Marian Shrine.   An attribute or the Virgin Mary is expressed in each doll!