U377 Sacred Heart Of Jesus - Car Room Wall - Wooden Icon Shrine Pendant Ornament on Rope - Icon Covered With Special Glass - Crystals and Incense

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  • The size of the icon shrine 3 Inch tall - Total length with rope about 10 inches

Each wood shrine has a 10 inch adjustable cord for hanging. Below the icon in each shrine are a few grains of "incense" as a symbol of our prayer - "Let my prayer arise as incense before Thy site." Each shrine is enhanced with red (symbolizing Christ's Resurrection) crystals.

Perfect as a mini shrine for car or home travel icon, can be christmas ornament

Icon and wood frame made in Ukraine.


Devotion to Sacred Heart of Jesus image was revealed in the 11th century to St Margaret Mary Alacoque.

12 Promises to those who honor Christ's Sacred Heart...

* given all the graces you need in life

* peace in your family

* comfort them in their trails

* He will be our refuge during life and death

*He will bless us in our endeavors

*He will give us mercy

*He will warm our hearts

*He will help us grow in holiness

*He will bless the places venerating His image

*He will priests the ability to softening hearts

*Those who promote this devotion will be written in His Heart

*He will give mercy to those who receive Holy Communion on the First Friday for 9 consecutive months are promised

to not die with out final penitence!