5-9 Blue - Assorted Floral Design - Faberge Style Glass Egg 4 Inch Tall




Please note - Designs around the double headed eagle may vary

The Double Headed Eagle, the symbol and crest of the Romanov Dynasty, has two heads - one faces East and the other West. The Russian dynasty adopted this symbol at the fall of the Byzantine Empire in Constantinople as it viewed itself as the successor of the Byzantine Empire. Eggs in Imperial Russia was a traditional gift from the Tsar to his most trusted subjects symbolizing love and new life. Hand etched royal symbols, floral and geometric designs on crystal eggs crafted by the Imperial Porcelain Factory of St Petersburg were often a gift. ALEXANDRA INTERNATIONAL is proud to offer this beautiful collection in the United States. You and your customers will be delighted with this eggs. Each crystal egg is made in Russia and etched in St Petersburg, Russia.