IR-1060 St Nicholas - Embossed Printing on Thick Wood - Comes With Hook on The Back For Hanging 4 1/4"x3 1/2"

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  • Saint Nicholas has miraculously answered Christians' prayers for centuries. Born toward the end of the third century, Saint Nicholas was elected the Archbishop of Myra upon the death of his uncle, the archbishop.
  • Christ and the Virgin Mary are portrayed on each side of St Nicholas affirming his authority as an orthodox (true believing) bishop as he opposed the Arian heresy at the Council of Nicaea.
  • St Nicholas. the Wonderworker, is known as the protector of children, patron of travelers, sailors, unmarried girls, merchants as well as pawn brokers and jewelers.
  • St Nicholas is the patron saint of Bari (where his relics venerated), Greece and Russia. Perhaps St Nicholas is best known as Santa Claus, Father Christmas and Fr Noel, His feast day is December 6th (December 19 on the Julian calendar) in both the Eastern and Western Churches.


Feast Day: December 6th. Old calendar December 19th

This icon has the look of a painted icon - it is lovely and an icon to be treasured.

The icon is high quality. 4 1/4 inch tall x3 1/2" inch width thickness of icon 5/8 inch.

Made by Sofrino of the Moscow Patriarchate.