IBX-5-18 Christ Pantocrator the Ruler of All Icon Box Wooden For Prayer Beads Rosary Keepsake Holder Gift 3 3/4 Inch x 2 1/2 Inch

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In iconography there are few individual icons of Christ. This Byzantine style icon is known as Christ Pantocrator - the Ruler of All - the Righteous Judge and Lover of Mankind is traditionally found in the dome of Byzantine churches.

Christ is pictured at half-length holding in His left hand the Book of Gospels by which all men will be judged and His right hand He as a loving God blesses us with His kindness and forgiveness.

Two other very famous versions of this icon is the St Katerine"s Monastery 6th Century icon called the Christ of Sinai. The other very famous is the mosaic of Christ Pantorcrator at the Agia Sophia Church in Constantinople (modern Istanbul).

The contemplation of this icon brings us face to face with our God.

The icon box was Made In Russia, - Rosary not included

3 3/4"x2 1/2"

Among the many uses of this box is contemplation, keeping prayer requests as well as keeping your favorite rosary or prayer beads.