E-7 Virgin of Vladimir Vested in Earth Tones - Beautiful Lacquered Eyeglass icon Case Box - "Keep The Virgin Mary Icon Close to You All The Time"

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Russia is long renowned for its famed miniature lacquer boxes decorated with icons, religious subjects and or their famous fairytales.

This box has been specially construed of a sturdy resin (with the look of a finely made lacquered box) and lined to safely hold eyeglasses or any other use you think of. The boxes at the are either black or dark blue; the bottom and some sides have a random design in a coordinating color. Please note, this random design is not visible when the box is displayed.

The box has a decoupage Byzantine Cross ornamentation framing a traditional icon. The artisans then add a "hand painted" ornamental boarder as found on the finest lacquer boxes.

ICON - Our Lady of Vladimir - The Virgin of Vladimir is the most venerated icon in all Russia and has escaped many fires and plunderers. The Virgin is shown inclined in an attitude of contemplation while the Child rests on her arm with His cheek against hers. This attitude expresses not so much the maternal tenderness of Mary as her power to elicit tenderness in her Son as she intercedes with Him for the human race. Her eyes look neither toward the Child, nor at the viewer, but rather inward to the heart of God and outward to the heart of the world.

lined inside - 6 1/2 Inch x 2 1/2 Inch . 1 inch interior depth